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Boitier Island ParadiseThe Sims 3
    Island Paradise

   June 25/27, 2013

It was almost! Meanwhile ...

The side of the tool to create Sims, we are dealing with a level of customization even revised upward, with sliders for growing and effective help (finally) to create real obese. The fashion victims will love them can discolor some of their hair to adopt the latest fashionable style, while the less enthusiastic can obviously be satisfied with many predefined styles by developers to create their own little family here examples "vampires" . The arrival of "personality traits" in all cases will add a new layer of depth to our characters. since these skills optional and sometimes downright useless sometimes influence the way of life of the Sims, or expertise in certain areas. A Sim will be clumsy and tend to fall for no apparent reason in her life every day, while its neighbor to the benefit of a green thumb unusual skill in his garden. In total, up to five of these little "bonus" (in a range of several dozen according to the team the game) that we can choose our Sims, history to make vegetarians, "Serial lover ", big partiers, etc.. Finally, we note the introduction of specific moods in the Sims 3, which temporarily affect the behavior and needs of our congregation after an important event in their lives (dismissals, buying a new car, etc.).. It obviously remains to discover a large package of things after this first real presentation of the Sims 3 by Electronic Arts - particularly in terms of building construction - but it can already be impatient with the few innovations released by the team in the game admire the houses!


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