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Boitier Island ParadiseThe Sims 3
    Island Paradise

   June 25/27, 2013

Fan-Day The Sims 3 Seasons

Electronic Arts, Lyon, Friday, October 26, 2012


Friday, 26 October 2012 we were announced maybe the most add-on expected by many fans of the franchise, Seasons. Program, four new seasons, who will accompany your Sims throughout the year.


It is now time to make a first assessment of this add-on that looks strong emotion.
This article was written by Dexter and Sebastien 217, I warmly thank for his help hihi

Part 1 : The ambiance and the progress of the day

Part 2 : Some new gameplay

Part 3 : Winter

Part 4 : Spring

Part 5 : Summer

Part 6 : Autumn

Part 7 : Initial assessment of the game


Part 1 : The ambiance and the progress of the day


    Once again, the ambiance of this Fan Day was friendly. It is nice to see that days like this, everyone is relaxed allowing to make some small delusions ... We take this opportunity to once again thank Electronic Arts for the invitation and thank you for this little surprise.


    After a coffee at 11am, we quickly go to the computer! We then had the right to a short presentation of the game, which lasted a little half-hour,

but also a little surprise, I'm not sure if I really have the right to talk to you. Around 12:30 we went to eat and then to 1:45pm - 2pm we returned on computers. Around 15h we had the right to question / answer from Nicola, a producer of EA England.

    Finally, around 5pm, the first people left. Then, around 5:30pm, almost everyone was gone. Sebastien and myself we agree that we spent a great day together with all of you, thank you again



Part 2 : Some new gameplay



Here is a list of some new gameplay that we have noticed:
The Sims interact with the Seasons. For example, a Sim can notice the presence of frost on the window.
The Sims change automatically once they are back inside their home.
Every season will have its own festival. The festival takes place in the heart of the city. The festival offers various activities for your Sims. These activities change depending on seasons. The festival is an excellent meeting place. We return to the activities proposed in the article.
Each festival has its own stand, which will be open from 8am to 21h.
The days are shorter in winter and longer in summer.
Sims can change the time with a special machine [sun, fog, hail, rain (mild, moderate, strong, variable) and snow (mild, moderate, strong, variable)].


Sims can catch diseases seasonal diseases.
Sims can get vaccinated against the flu.
New skills: snow (easy for the winter), ice skating, ...
It is now possible to swim in the sea. Warning, your Sims will be very little enthused to go swimming in the sea in winter. By cons in summer, they will swim with pleasure !


A little weather application appeared on your computer and log (see screen below).
New clothes are available. New objects are available. New hairstyles and hats are available.
There is also a very big news to report in the way purchase: predefined pieces! This allows you to choose a style among those who are offered and put the room in your home, without having to choose the painting of the room, objects, layout, ect ... Quick and easy to use, even very useful for those who do not particularly like making unique pieces ... There are 8 categories of predefined parts: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, office, nursery and misc. Each category has different style of play, as for example, the kitchen is the antiquated style, country style, cottage style, the Gothic style, coastal style and ultra contemporary style. For the "other", there are 3 lanes (of different lengths), an artist's studio (charming style), home cinema (minimalist), vestibule (contemporary), a family room (contemporary) studio (contemporary) and a gym at home (exquisite style). Children's rooms are distributed on age (infants and children) and gender (boy or girl).


THE ALIENS ARE THEIR COMEBACK !!! I have also been captured by an alien, so you may have a new member in your home, whether it is a man who is captured ...
Other cities Destination Adventures will not be affected by the Seasons
You can change the weather, with a new object unlockable, the Climatron!
You can organize new parties. But for reasons still obscure Christmas will not be called Christmas. Apparently it is for matters of religion, but knowing that Christmas is not really a religious holiday today, but a commercial holiday, it is a bit silly. However, if teams EA read these few lines, I would like to ask why the kit Merry Christmas for Sims 2 was released ... In short, we will not go into this kind of endless debate.
A system of online dating was introduced. This will allow your Sims to meet the person of their dreams by setting up their own profile. Your Sims will be contacted later by interested persons. Remember that it is also possible to lie on his profile. For example, you can lie on his physique, or his character ...



(Screenshots prises par Sébastien)


Part 3 : Winter (notes taken by Sébastien and Dexter)


    The winter season has been presented at the Fan Day. We have discovered other over hours of play. And now, I can confirm that the winter season is the most complete of the new pack. Firstly, I would like to talk about some of the activities offered at the festival, during the coming season strong emotion. Firstly, the festival will offer new activities such as ice skating or snow boarding. Winter activities! These activities are therefore reflected by two new skills. I would also like to share a small detail that will make its importance in terms of the quality of the snow, your Sim will be more or less difficult to walk in the snow, or to certain activities. A gameplay idea that seems to me very interesting. Also note that your Sims will not be really happy to go swimming in freezing water! Among the new products, we can also talk about snowmen. Your Sims can make so many snowmen shaped mower, or alien, for example. We also note the presence of igloos, which will be a new place to boom-boom ... siffle

Time will also change some things. For example, fontion the weather, your Sims succeptibles children not going to school. it is the same for adults, but if it is much more rare ... Christmas is also present in the game, even if you can not call it Christmas. You can organize this festival via the oganisateur party. You can then open gifts and decorate your home, at your leisure! 



Part 4 : Spring (notes taken by Sébastien)


    It may be the season or the number of new ... High is the least About the festival, one can note the presence of an egg hunt or a stand to kiss girl and one for boy ... In both stands, your Sims will be able to kiss in exchange for a few Simoleons ... Young adults, adults and seniors can participate ...

Note that, once again, this egg hunt was not the name of Easter ...



Part 5 : Summer (notes taken by Dexter)


    The battles of water bombs! And yes, you'll understand the battles of water bombs will be present in this new add-on, and will practice in family or between friends! New activities are available such as football or skating (not ice, of course). You can also buy hot dogs and even participate in the contest the biggest eater of hot dogs! Shower tanning is also present in the festival. Finally, note that in summer it is very hot. So if you do not have to worry, do not forget to refresh your Sims!


Part 6 : Autumn (notes taken by Dexter)


    As soon as I started this season, I immediately noticed something obvious: we see a huge change in color, which are much more autumnal ... Rain, for its part, is increasingly present in the game is also not uncommon to see many puddles. I also invite your Sims to have fun by jumping langue. Also note that many leaves on the trees begin to fall. You will then have to rush to pick up a pile of leaf. You can then jump on it, burn it, or make boom-boom inside the pile of leaf ... Warning, because if you play too long to jump into the pile of leaf, your health bar will plummet ... At the festival, know that it is possible to visit a haunted house (for the brave), or picking pumpkins (for those who are interested ...) Halloween is also present in the game, and when day of horror (name given the child from other households will ring at your door to ask you some candies ... Many decorations are also available to transform your home into a veritable mansion ...



Part 7 : Initial assessment of the game


    Discover this new add-on has been for me a chance. Why ? Well, because all the elements of an excellent add-on are there. Firstly, this add-on shows that even with a graphics engine dating, EA teams have managed to create something colérer and enjoyable to watch. Secondly, because many ideas Gameplay are present. Discover this new add-on has been for me a chance. Why? Well, because all the elements of an excellent add-on are there. Firstly, this add-on shows that even with a graphics engine dating, EA teams have managed to create something colérer and enjoyable to watch. Secondly, because many ideas are present Gameplay. They are also very well used. At life, it is obvious that we will see the long-term interest, but now I can tell you with its four seasons, festivals, many activities, this add-on risk you occupy many hours! Finally, at the sound, it's always nice to hear. In short, you'll understand this add-on is set to become THE add-on to this generation. More complete response, 15 November !


Excellent game.

Translate by Flo.




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