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Boitier Island ParadiseThe Sims 3
    Island Paradise

   June 25/27, 2013

Test des Sims 3 : Showtime

Bandeau Showtime

Boitier Showtime Title : Showtime

Release dates
    EU 08/03/2012
    USA/CA 06/03/2012


The Sims 3 Showtime:

These previous months, many rumors suggest that The Sims 4 will be announced at the E3 on this year. And to forget it, EA has decided to release his new add-on : Showtime. So is it better to start saving for the fourth installment of the hit series, or does it succumb to Showtime ? This test will allow you to get an idea.

Summary of new :

With a theme already used by its big brother, a some Late Night, Showtime comes in force with a new development studio : EA Salt Lake. As novelty, you tell me ... Well you're right, because Showtime does not stop there. Indeed, the additional disk include a new city, new items to customize your scene, new clothes and ... A new ambassador: Katy Perry, a ghost ! (See The Sims 2 : Apartment Life). The new city is called Starlight Shores, and has some similarities with Hollywood. Here (or elsewhere, if you buy the game), you can perform three new jobs : singer, acrobat and magician, and a new skill : DJ ! David Guetta in grass can practice whenever they want. In addition to new jobs, this add-on has new features online : I speak of course of the wall, badges and Simport. But what is this ? The Wall is like Facebook, a way to share with friends what you do in the game. The Simport can send their Sim on tour with a friend. Finally, the system of badges to reward our actions in the game. You will understand, at first glance, the game does not lack novelty. But, if you remember well, this topic had already been seen before, with Late Night. This is an add-on that you could see before. It is quite a shame Electronic Arts remains the same themes, and not go ahead, offering us much awaited themes such as seasons, for example, or yet the magic ...


You dreamed of becoming a world famous star ? This Simsette surely a dream, too, but this is not the opinion of everyone ...



Why should I buy/why should we not buy ?
That is to say, Showtime will not revolutionize the series, far away ... However, the game will bring novelty undeniable, and that will enrich your game. We feel that the team at EA Salt Lake has many ideas to revolutionize the series, and I think it will monitor very closely, he will monitor closely. come on, we crossed finger for the seasons come here by this autumn.


With Showtime, you can customize your scene as you wish and same talk to your audience. It looks like a real show !



For concludes :
To conclude this review, I would like to say that Showtime is not part of this (small) category of additional disk required. Indeed, the theme of the game has already been seen and reviewed, in force, may seem boring. However, this add-on offers us a large number of novelties. In the end, Showtime is a way that Electronic Arts make us wait until the fourth installment in the series, which seems imminent. Or, you can expect a surprise from them ? Response in a few months ...


Do not believe me if you want, but I've managed to make it my home !



Scores :



Graphics :
No graphic slap on the horizon, but a game that is always so beautiful to look at, with entertainment rather successful (despite many bugs) and stage scenery; customizable, which will enrich the game




Game play :
The grip of the game is always comfortable. The three careers up will rely, on the other, much less linear than usual.




Lifetime :
With a lifetime much less than his brethren (as for example World Adventures or Late Night), and a theme already addressed Showtime offers however new to whom we can go next.




Soundtrack :
The sound effects, music and the Simlish are still good. However, we feel effect lassitude dint listen to the music of the game, and it is very likely that you disable sound during the game.






NB: Scores aren't necessarily objective. They represent the personal reality of its author.

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