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Boitier Island ParadiseThe Sims 3
    Island Paradise

   June 25/27, 2013

Test des Sims 3 : Seasons

Boitier Seasons Title : Seasons

Release dates
    EU 15/11/2012
    USA/CA 13/11/2012

Like Sims 3: Pets, Seasons has been one of the most anticipated Expansion Packs of the third generation. Thus offering the arrival of the four seasons: summer, winter, autumn and spring, additional disk also allows us to participate in some festivals, in order to avoid the effect of recycling.


The recycling effect, you know? I think for the most part yes, but fortunately some have never paid the price. When Electronic Arts announced the arrival of this new expansion pack, I was puzzled I asked if they would be entitled to a new recycling effect. Admittedly, the Seasons is great ... Anyway, apart from the observed climate change, what can there be more? So that is Electronic Arts had to act, we offer many things. Thus was born the festival, a sort of biggest gathering with lots of activities (discussed later). As usual, Electronic Arts proposes a content rich enough, since new clothes and new objects are available. Note also the presence of some new event, as Halloween or Christmas.



Then it switches with some new graphics. Indeed, the advent of Seasons adds some color to the game For example, it is difficult not to notice the difference between the autumn and spring or summer and winter. Well it is true that seeing the leaves fall we will have to realize that we are not in spring, of course, but even the developers have worked this aspect of the game. There are also some new opportunities, such as the ability to swim in the sea (right photo shows us perfectly), or building an igloo (you can also do in boom-boom), or even the possibility of burning leaves ramasées above. In short, nothing revolutionary ... There is however the presence of some new event, as Halloween or Christmas.



So in the end, we are left with a game pretty well worked and rather nice to listen to music. The sound effects of the game are also pleasant and the voices of our Sims are always pleasant to listen to. A word, finally, about the festival is a big success, it clearly says. It is true that the proportion of proposed activities is not the same between the different seasons (far from it), but still, the game comes to offer us more original activities that will appeal to some, a little less other. I can therefore advise you this new expansion pack, which will propose a content enough to be ultimately one of the best Expansion Packs that we have proposed. Speech of Dexter !


Scores :

Graphics : 


Rather pretty apparently we can rejoice in the presence of the new season that will take the game colors. Believe me, this is not so bad. The animations are always qualities and textures are rather well done.


Game Play :



The festival offers many possibilities. We can try all sorts of activities. We also welcome the new precense festivals as Halloween or Christmas certainly enrich the game.


Lifetime :


The festival will offer us many hours of play, despite some doubts about the potential for replayability of certain activities. From a scoring standpoint, I can't however, recognize that new skills will bring many things to the title.




Sound Track :


Although some songs are rather anecdotal, we can not appreciate the sound effects of the game are excellent, and the voices of our tender Sims, who also remain qualities.





Final Score :



18 is a rare score for a single Expansion Pack and to tell you the truth, in the case of Seasons, it is not deserved, I must admit. However, and through this note, I would like to salute the work of the developers, to the end, we tried to propose a content-rich Expansion Pack. And this is the case. Far, far from seeing some Expansion Packs slapdash Seasons is listed as one of the best records additional with rich colors and rich content as well. What a pleasure to see her so Sim, walking in the snow, have a sunburn, or even burn a pile of leaves. In short, a real pleasure.





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